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"Feral Cats" and "Feral Colonies" seem to be ugly words to some people.  Read more and you will understand that these "feral" cats are in need of care and just lack a human companion.  It is not their fault that they were dumped, abandoned, or born without a human to touch.  Please don't let the word "feral" be an ugly word.

Beautiful Feral Calico - Lily                        A trapped female and large tom cat             feeding station at a feral colony
In our cat rescue beginnings, we didn't know much about TNR or Feral Cats.  We really wanted to work and focus on other areas of cat rescue and adoption.  Now, after our experiences, we realized that feral cats need our help even more than we ever imagined. Working with them has become incredibly rewarding. 

Feral cats do well fending for themselves against the elements, but they need to be Spayed / Neutered to IMMEDIATELY stop reproduction.  They cannot adequately gather and hunt enough food, so they need our help with regular feedings.  Without us they would starve.

We have a routine for TNR.  Trapping feral cats means time and patience.  We line the traps with a thin layer of newspaper, bait it with stinky fish like sardines and wait.  Once we hear the trap snap shut we check to see if we have a cat, a skunk or a false trigger.  Once in the trap, the cats panic and most times thrash around.  We cover them with a sheet and, believe it or not, it calms them.  Trapping does not harm the animal in any way.


We take the cats, still covered and calm, home for the night.  We feed them a really good dinner.  The next morning we take them to Lee County Domestic Animal Services (LCDAS).  They spend the day getting Spay/Neutered, Micro-chipped, ear-tip clipped, and a rabies shot.  They are officially then registered feral cats with the LCDAS.  After a day with LCDAS, we take them home, feed them, and keep them at a minimum of 1 day, sometimes longer.  Then we release them back where they were trapped. 

resting and recuperating after the day at LCDAS - left female, on right male from a different colony (Mr. Schwump)

We then arrange and schedule  "feeders",  gracious volunteers that come feed the cats.  We try to have enough "feeders" so that each person gets 1-2 days a week.  We all work together to make sure each day is covered by texting, emailing, and calling each other.  This is proof of the value networking.

It is rewarding to see the cats become a little less "feral" with each visit.  My husband was able to pet one of the ferals a couple of weeks ago and she even played with him.  That was most rewarding. 

The Calico on left is named Clara                     Olive playing with Kelly                             "Dogloo" - dog house donated by Pekes & Pals


We get everything from either donations or our very own wallets.  Some of the volunteers not only volunteer their time and gas, but also buy the food to feed the cats on their day.  We always need donations of dry food to feed the cats on a daily basis.  We are always need volunteers to feed the cats once a day. 

If you are in our area, and want to volunteer in ANY capacity, please contact us at

No matter where you are located, please get involved with a group near you that works with the TNR program.  If your county does not participate, maybe this is your chance to do something spectacular for the cats in your area.  Politic, petition, make your voice heard, and get TNR active in your area.

Remember the ear tipped clipping. If you see a cat with the left ear clipped off, it means this cat is part of the TNR Registered Program.  Feed the cat, protect the cat, take care of this innocent animal.

 Thelma Lou                                          Olive

Thank you to our friends at the Naples Cat Alliance (formerly Collier Community Cat Coalition) !!  Thank you for your time, efforts, donations, and for teaching us about TNR and Feral Cats.

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If you know about or have cats that need to be part of the TNR program, please complete this Questionnaire.  TNR QUESTIONAIRE - CLICK HERE  Please answer as many questions as you can and with as much detail available.
Please fax or email.  fax 866-350-3648, email
Click here for the story of Lily - TNR Lee County Registered Feral Cat - Shot in the back and paralyzed - Open investigation for a felony offense.