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This website is dedicated to our furry kids, Squeeker, Felix, Oscar, Cleo, Clint, Franklin, Jasper
, and Zak.
Cleo's Story
 We looked out our window one crisp day in the fall of 2000.  I thought I saw a bunny rabbit.  It was actually a tiny black kitten with a short nub for a tail, similar to a bunny tail.  We checked around, and no one claimed her.  It is a good thing she fell into our hands, because she has been with us ever since.  Her full name is Cleocatra.  For short, we call her Cleo.  She is a very healthy girl, and her coat is shiny and silky like mink.

     She was the sweetest, lovingest, little thing. She would just flop upside down in your hands or lap.  We are sad to tell you what we suspect happened next.   We took her to a local vet to be spayed.   The day we brought her home she was never the same.  She was terrified of everything, noises, movement, and most of all, the two of us.  It was heartbreaking.  We have read, over the years, about animals not being fully under anesthesia for surgery.  We suspect she may have been awake for part, or all, of her procedure.  We cringe at the thought of her in pain and seeing what was being done to her.

For years now, we have called her our loner.  She has always had a good relationship with Oscar, and we are grateful that he befriended her in her fearful times.  Over the years, Cleo did come out of her shell a bit more, socializing and interacting with Squeeker, Oscar, and Felix

     Cleo has had a rough 2012.  Felix passed away and then, as we can hear Cleo saying, "my mom and dad brought those THINGS home".  Of course, she would be referring to Clint and Franklin.  Can I just tell you, CLEO WAS PISSED.  Just when it couldn't get any worse, we bring home Jasper.

     Cleo spent 6 months, almost to the day, in the guest bedroom.  We moved her food, water, and litter to the guest room because she refused to socialize with the others. Most days were spent hissing, blowing, and growling.  She was even mad at us.  We tried herbs and holistic remedies.   You might question this, but one day, 4 months after Felix passed and Clint & Franklin came home, we decided to put a couple of different healing stones in the area that Cleo sleeps.  The next day, we looked around and Cleo was hanging out in the living room with everyone else.    We feel that love, positive talks, and those healing stones, boosted her confidence and morale. 

     She became more social now than ever, we were happy to report that Cleo is back in our family circle. She was tolerant of the youngsters, still called Oscar her buddy, but steered clear of Squeeker.
      Cleo has had some trauma in her life, but she was a very simple, and happy girl.  She likes her food, treats, quiet time with her mom, and warm naps on the patio.  She is regal and elegant. I like to imagine her as a thinker and observer.  If she could write a story, through her eyes, it would be an incredible novel of love, challenge, adventure, passion and excitement.  

Cleo has been relatively healthy all of her life until May 2013.  After several days at the vet for Impacted bowels, she then decided not to eat.  Which then resulted in Hepatic Lipidosis.  She was then kept for several more days with a feeding tube in the side of her neck.  We brought her home and fed her through feeding tube every few hours.  We will post more details in our blog in the coming days.  Then she bit her tongue which pronlong the need of the feeding tube due to stiches in her tongue.  After a few weeks of the feeding tube, we were able to get her to nibble little bits of food here and there.  Then one Sunday afternoon I walked by and saw the tube NOT in Cleo.  She had pulled the tube out.  We decided that we would not reinsert the tube but see how she would do. 

June was rough.  We basically tried everthing in the world to feed Cleo. Getting her to eat was a daily challenge.  Dry food, wet food, home cooked food, baby food and the list goes on.  She had lost down to a little over 5 lbs.   She was lethargic and depressed.   Two red cherry size tumors appeared on Cleo's stomach.  Our vet performed several ultra sounds over the next few weeks.  The mass that appeared on the first ultra sound was growing rapidly.  The tumors on her belly were riddled with Lymphoma cancer cells.  Then Cleo stopped eating, drinking and using the batheroom.
Cleo crossed the rainbow bridge on July 23, 2013.
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