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This website is dedicated to our furry kids, Squeeker, Felix, Oscar, Cleo, Clint, Franklin, Jasper, and Zak.
Clint's Story

This is the adoption success story of two Brigid’s Crossing cats to Kelly & Shelly Franklin, husband and wife of 18 years.

     We will be forever grateful and wish to offer our heartfelt thanks to Brigid’s Crossing Foundation, staff, caregivers, and volunteers.  Brigid’s Crossing has profoundly changed our lives and our home.

     Our story is a long one.  It is the tale of an entire family, not just one cat.

     In February 2012, we lost our 14 year old Felix to complications of colon cancer.  He was one of four furry children that we have had since they were kittens.  We refer to our felines as children.  Squeeker is 15.  Cleo is 12.  Oscar is Felix’s twin brother and he is 14.  We have always been a close knit family.  When Felix passed away, the dynamic in our home immediately changed.  We all missed his gentle nature and love of everything and everyone.  Our friends and family advised us to get another cat.  Perhaps a kitten would help distract from the pain of losing Felix.   

     We weren’t really sure what we wanted to do.  We started with research.  After considering many places online, we made a phone call.  We made an appointment for a Friday afternoon just to look around and check out the cats and kittens at the adoption center at Brigid’s Crossing Foundation.  We walked in and were asked, “Are you looking for a particular type of cat?” e.g.  Breed, color, male, female, kitten or adult?  Our answer was, “We are looking for a connection.”  We wanted someone to choose us.

     We spent several hours at Brigid’s Crossing and met many adorable kittens, rambunctious teenagers, established sophisticated adults, and gentle elderly souls, all of which we could have taken home in a heartbeat.  We thought we would look around, visit, play, get to know them, and then come back the following week after giving it some thought.  That idea quickly changed when I (Shelly) picked up one orange and white guy.  He looked to be about two years old.  He willing nestled in my arms and tucked his head up under my neck.  We sat together in a chair and he did not try to jump down.  He started to purr and went to sleep in my arms.  The purring got louder and louder, and higher in pitch, sounding like a chirping bird. This went on for about 30 minutes.  When I moved to get up, he didn’t wake.  Instead, he just put one paw on my cheek and continued to sleep.  His purring became even louder and higher.  This little boy may have touched my cheek, but his little paw reached all the way through and touched his new mommy’s heart.  After living approximately two years at Brigid’s Crossing Foundation, he came home with us that day.  He was very excited.  His new dad (Kelly) stopped at McDonald’s and they shared a cheeseburger as his treat.  His name is Clint.

     Clint is amazing and loves everyone!  His chirping purr is our natural alarm clock.  It begins in the morning when he starts to stir.  No matter where you are in the house, you will hear the purr.  Soon after the purr begins, Clint gives his dad a little wet nose to nose to start the day.  Clint is smart, inquisitive, and loves the outside.  When the day cools off, he gets excited because Dad takes him for a walk.  That’s right, he walks with a harness and leash.  He loves it!  He is also our climber.  If you can’t find him, just look up.  Look above the cabinets, on the refrigerator, or on any tall furniture.  He is very happy in his new fur-ever home, and so are we.

 But, the story doesn’t end here.

     We met another little guy that same Friday.  He wasn’t yet on the adoption list.  Brigid’s Crossing Foundation had just rescued a six month old little baby from a kill shelter the night before.  If they had not rescued him, he would have been euthanized that day. 

     When we walked into the room where he was, they said, “We would like you to meet Franklin.”  He was so tiny and beautiful.  Being of the longer hair variety, and only weighing 3 lbs., he was mostly a ball of fur.  It was love at first sight.  Having planned to adopt only one cat, our hearts were torn.  As it turns out, it was destiny.  His name was Franklin.  Our last name is Franklin.  So he is…Franklin Franklin. 

     Since he had just arrived at Brigid’s Crossing, he had not yet had shots or been neutered.  He also had a horrible cold.  We had to wait to take him home.  We left that day with Clint in the car, but still had our minds and hearts on Franklin.

     We called on Monday to see how our little guy was feeling.  They said he was still really sick, too sick to get his shots or to be neutered.   They asked if we would like to bring him home and continue his medication.  They thought the personal TLC could help speed his recovery. 

     We happened to be in the area and were there within the hour.  We were actually very excited to bring him home earlier than expected.  They said we could bring him back at a later time for his shots and neutering when he gets well.  Franklin Franklin was going home.  And keeping with tradition, Dad stopped for a snack on the way home.  Dad and Franklin shared a BMT from Subway and Franklin was very happy.

     As far as food goes, we really didn’t have to try hard.  Franklin ate everything.  He was under 3 lbs., boney, and sick.  It took two rounds of antibiotics to stop fevers, coughing, and sneezing.  He slept in bed between his new mom and dad.  His nose was completely clogged and crusted over.  Dad would have to hold his little mouth open at night so he could breathe.  Like a baby, Franklin wanted mommy to hold him constantly.  We were so worried.

      Two to three weeks later, he was feeling so much better and had grown to 6lbs.  Franklin was becoming mommy’s Love Bug.  He begs to be held and rides on my shoulder like a child.  He rubs his head all over my face, chin and neck, and constantly gives me kisses.  Dad has to be careful where he walks because Franklin drops at his feet and yells, “pet me, pet me”.  Like a little puppy dog, he follows us from room to room.  He is also our garbage disposal.  If anyone else leaves food or treats around, no worry, Franklin will take care of it. 

The story now shifts to the friendship of Clint AND Franklin.

     These two loved each other immediately.  Clint had only been home a few days when we brought home Franklin.  Clint realized Franklin was sick.  Clint was so sweet.  He was the best big brother, giving Franklin baths and kisses.  They play great together.  Franklin doesn’t realize that Clint is more than twice his size.  He plays just as hard.  The two boys have blended nicely into our family.    

     Squeeker, our 15 year old, is blind and deaf, and pretty much ignores them.  They, however; know that Squeeker is still the boss and a force to be reckoned with.  They steer clear.   

     Oscar is our 14 year old brother to Felix. He is tolerant of Clint and intrigued with Franklin, and because of them, he has recently discovered a burst of youthful energy.  That is just what we were hoping for when we brought Clint and Franklin home.  Oscar hangs out on the lanai with Clint and tests the playful waters.  Oscar plays a little bit with Franklin, but mostly tires easily and watches what goes on from the sidelines. 

     Our 12 year old Cleo is tolerant of Clint, but she is not sure what to think of Franklin.  She is a finicky girl who thinks her mom and dad are nuts for bringing these fur balls into her home. 

     Since bringing home Clint and Franklin, we have rescued a kitten that does not have the use of his back legs, as well as, many other issues.  His name is Jasper.

     Clint is a great nurturer to Jasper.  He cares for him by offering baths and a nice big warm body to snuggle up to.

     Franklin is the more playful big brother to our little Jasper.  At times, it seems Franklin is playing too hard with Jasper, but then we realize that it is Jasper who is the instigator. 

     Clint and Franklin are both great teachers to this little kitten.  Jasper has picked up on a lot of Clint and Franklin’s habits, good and bad. 

     Squeeker, Oscar, and Cleo didn’t know what to think the day they met Clint and Franklin.  They now know that their lives will never be the same after experiencing the zest and vibrancy that Clint and Franklin have brought into our home.  They bring excitement into all of our lives.  We miss our Felix terribly, but these munchkins have helped ease the pain of the loss.  With us, Clint and Franklin have found their forever home.  

  Thank you to Brigids Crossing for saving their lives and healing our hearts.

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