Barb & Jerry Flanders                            Wet food

M.K. Crews                                               

Tom & Betteann Dowd                          
Monetary Contribution
Patricia Wakim                                         
Monetary Contribution

Frank Camodeca-Jeanne Alexander 

Nancy Jo & Rudy King                         

Chuck & Shirley Thomas                      

Elaine & Paul Verway                            

Paula Caruso                                           
Moneytary Contribution, bowls, medication,  toys, and more

Nancy & Jim Bartelo                            

Donna Stone                                            
Monetary Donation, Blankets, sheets, towels, coupons, gift cards , un-ending fundraising

Sue Fielder                                                
2 pet carrier/ taxis - valued advice

Barb & Jerry Flanders                           

Andy & Carole Anderson                      
Monetary Contribution, towels & coupons, food, continued donations

Katie Gorna                                              
Monetary Contribution

Bev & Don Hayes                                   
Monetary Contribution

Gary & Anna Curtin                                
Monetary Contribution

Nancy & Jim Papandrea                       
Monetary Contribution

Maggie Carroll    
                                     Crate, bowl, water dispenser & Pet Training Pads

Gayle & David Franklin                          
Monetary Contribution

Carole Mendelsohn                                
Monetary Contribution

Greta & Don Geysel                                
Monetary Contribution

Melissa Dortch                                         
Dry Cat Food & Feral cat care, monthly food donations

Ed Fitzgerald                                            
Monetary Contribution

Bill Callahan & Marilyn Edwards         
Monetary Contribution, food, gift cards, continued dontaitons

Joe & Linda Roach                                 
Monetary Contribution, food, continued donations

Nancy & Perry Camodecca                  
Monetary Contribution, food, Continued Donations, emotional support

Law Firm of Patricia Black
                     Monetary Donation & care of TNR feral colony, continued donations                    

The Oasis Restaurant                             Monetary Donation & care of TNR feral colony, continued donations

Gari Hodge                                                
Monetary Donation

Lynda Miller                                              
Monetary Donation

Phyllis Mendelsohn 
                               Monetary Donation

Diane Paul                                                 
Monetary Donation, kitty litter and cat food

Josephine "Honey" O'Connell            
Monetary Donation - A Lot of Linens

Mary Halldin                                             
 Monetary Donation - Sheets - Soap

Joyce Egan                                              
 Monetary Donation

Barbara Sentz                                         
 Monetary Donation
Colleen Orr                                               
Wet  & Dry Food, Foster mom and volunteer time - Continued Donations

Mary Ann Crysogelos                            
Monetary Contribution

Tim & Mary Young 
                                 Monetary Contribution

Ron Listro                                                 
Wet Food

Pekes & Pals Puppy Rescue               
Blankets, Sheets, Wet Food, Litter and more needed items - Continued Donations

Jeanne & Pat Zagursky 
                        Gift Card, sheets, blankets, monetary contribution, continued donations

Dave & Marsha Allemong                      
Monetary Contribution

Olie & Marion Olsen                                
Monetary Contribution

Larry & Janet Hulce                                
Monetary Contribution, continued donations

Patti & Jim Brousil
                                   Towels & Monetary Contribution

Mike Litt                                                       Monetary Contribution

Brett & Lola Foreman                              Monetary Contribution

Tom & Jane Seeley                                  Monetary Contribution, continued donations

Rich & Louise Schneeberg                   Monetary Contribution

Carol McConnell                                       Monetary Contribution

Pekes & Pals Puppy Rescue                Great ideas and much needed items.  Dog Houses, Cages, Kennels, & bowls.

Perry, Donna, Connor & Thea Danos Monetary Contribution

Bob Seitz                                                    Monetary Contribution

Stacey Troy                                                Dry Cat Food 

Roger & Debby Bernier                          Food, Blankets, Sheets, Towels, Trap, Crates, Carriers, Beds, Bowls, Litter Boxes

Renee Farnsworth                                   Helped find 5 cats homes, contacts for TNR and spreading the word, Board Member

Rosalen & Chad Moran
                           Food, litter and inspirational support

Dr. Ernie Blum & My Pet's Vet               Time, effort and monetary contribution - Continued Donations

A HUGE and special thank you to the volunteers that go feed the cats each day, help with transport, and work on fundraising. This project is bigger than one person and without your help it would not be possible.  Thank you for all you do !!!

We are a Non-Profit Corporation and your donations will NOT be for profit. 
We are a married couple that has a tremendous amount of love and compassion for cats.
A lifetime of thanks to those who have helped in so many ways by contributing your time, money, and much needed items.