Why Dontate?

We are a non-profit corporation and your donations will NOT be for profit.

   If you are an animal lover, like we are, then you agree that they deserve the best care and treatment possible.  Read this page.  If you can afford to give any amount, that would be wonderful.  Thank you in advance for your generosity.  We are setting up a "thank you for donating" page.  If you would like your name added, just type us a note with your paypal transfer.  Otherwise, you wil remain anonimous, and that's O.K. too.

    We have the above list of ongoing items that need to be purchased.  We also have ongoing veterinary bills.  If you would like to make a payment to Franklin Family Pride account at our veterinary doctor's office.  Please call Dr Ernie Blum, My Pet's Vet in Lehigh Acres, FL at 239-368-8387

After seeing the success we have had with cold laser therapy, we want to purchase a unit.  We are confident that, together, we will get there.  The unit is costly, and with their everyday care and costs, we do not have the extra funds.

    Our own Jasper and Squeeker both benefited from the use of the laser.  Thanks to Brigid's Crossing Foundation for introducing us to the technology of the laser.  We are so impressed with the results of this laser that we volunteered Jasper's and Squeeker's progress for case studies with Multi Radiance Medical. We send them regular updates. We were previously unaware of this non invasive option.   We have become believers and witnesses to the results first hand.  We strongly suggest that you go to the website, http://www.multiradiance.com/tqSolo.php   to read about the laser therapy.  If you want to know more we can help  you contact a representative at Multi Radiance Medical. 

Squeeker has crossed the rainbow bridge but we witnessed the use of the laser and her recovery from a stroke.  She couldnt mover her head, stand up, or walk after her stroke.  With regular guided laser protocols, she learned to walk again.  

Jasper has his own very long story, (Jasper's Story).  We firmly believe that Jasper would not be where he is today if it were not for the laser treatements. 

We also used the laser on our ARC (Animal Refuge Center) foster kitty, Laurel.  She has a heartwarming story and is up for adoption with ARC.  Find them at their website or on facebook.   She had a bone infection and had to have her back right leg amputated.  She was also shot in the front left arm.  The laser has not only helped with the repair of her hip joint and left front arm but helped eleviate some of the pain.  She is a beautiful girl and you can read more about her on our facebook page

The funds to aquire a phyiscal property to house our rescues and adoptees is far off in the future but if you are intersted in more information, please email me at franklinfamilypride@live.com

PLEASE DONATE.  Any donation you make would be greatly appreciated, and your precious dollars would be put toward the most immediate needs. 

For your knowledge about the
TQ SOLO Cold Laser Therapy unit. our cost is

ITEMS TO DONATE (in order of importance)

Monetary Donations
Dry Cat Food
Canned (Wet) Cat Food
Traps (email me)
Sheets (light weight)
Plasic forks & spoons
Pet Wipes & Pee Pads

email me for drop off location near you

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