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This website is dedicated to our furry kids, Squeeker, Felix, Oscar, Cleo, Clint, Franklin, Jasper, and Zak.
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On this page we will post information that we hope helps you with any problems that you might have.  This information is based on our own personal experience.   We have no financial affiliation with any of the below.  Feel free to write us at  if you have any questions.  We hope that in some small way, we help you with a solution. 

 Nutrigest Powder
  It is a probiotic and more. It helps maintain normal
  intestinal and gastro intestinal tissue and function.
follow this link for details.
We order this product from  We mix it in with soft food.  We personally take probitoics, and have seen the benefits in both us and now our animals. It is good for dogs and cats.
Vet Shop Online
Here you can order supplies, meds, flea-tick-heartworm treatments, and more.

This is a great site for REVOLUTION.  They have the best price around, and the shipping cost is pretty amazingly inexpensive from Australia.  The more you order, the better the discount. We have been using them for years and have never had a problem. They are quick and reliable.
We used the Arnica Gel before and after Jaspers amputation.  Before the amputation, he was dragging the back right leg and the left leg was forward and stiff and his hip and buttock was dragging.  We used the Arnica get to help ease his pain and the bruising.  After his amputation, we use the  Arnica Gel on his stump and the back right leg.  The back right leg doesn't drag anymore thanks to the TQ SOLO LASER, but he was building calluses. We have used this on our selves as well.
Again, from Boironusa, we highly recommend both Arnica and Calendula Gel as a staple in you cabinet.
Arnica Gel
For muscle pain and stiffness, swelling and bruising.
If your cat drinks obsessively, urinates in large quantities, or craves ice cubes, he/she may have Diabetes Insepidus.
    Several Veterinary Doctors had never treated or even heard of Diabetes Insepidus.  It is rare for a Cat. Felix was diagnosed in the summer of 2009 with Diabetes Insepidus.  We put 1 drop of Desmopressin in each eye every morning and every night.  These drops in his eyes not only helped with the water consumption, but improved his quality of life.  He lost some weight and he seemed to play more and be generally more active.  The medication can  be administered in different ways. Discuss with your vet the options.  If you think your cat might have this problem, you should learn more about Diabetes Insepidus. If left untreated, it could be life threatening.  The water deprivation test that is used to fully diagnose can also be very dangerous.  We chose to forego the water deprivation test and go ahead with the drops.   The drops are expensive, but we found a pharmacy with really good prices. We ordered 3 bottles at the time. 
Fallon Wellness Pharmacy in Latham, NY   800-890-1137

Jasper and Squeeker have both benefited from the use of the laser.  Thanks to Brigid's Crossing Foundation for introducing us to the technology of the laser.  We are so impressed with the results of this laser that we volunteered Jasper's and Squeeker's progress for case studies with Multi Radiance Medical. We send them regular updates. Please read more about our journey and progress in our blog/diary.  We were previously unaware of this non invasive option.   We have become believers and witnesses to the results first hand.  We strongly suggest that you go to the website and read about the laser therapy.  If you want to know more, we can help  you contact a representative at Multi Radiance Medical. 
Multi Radiance Medical
Jasper had diarrhea so bad that his little behind looked like a baboon.  The urine acid was so bad that it removed the hair and skin off the first inch of his tail. To help, we used the calendula gel on his little bottom and tail. We applied it every time after he went to the litter box. Of course, we cleaned him with Publix PetKin Pet Wipes first. Both products are safe if your pet licks it off.  
Highly recommend !!!
Calendula Gel
For Burns, Scrapes and Skin irritations
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Dr Ernie Blum, Veterinarian
My Pet's Vet, Lehigh Acres, FL