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This website is dedicated to our furry kids, Squeeker, Felix, Oscar, Cleo, Clint, Franklin, Jasper and Zak.
Jasper's Story
     On May 21, 2012, we took Oscar to the vet (My Pet's Vet) to have his teeth checked. Dr. Ernie was telling us about these kittens that were brought in the day before.  One kitten had a crushed front right leg, and was taken home by one of the ladies that worked at the vet. The other kitten was still there at the vet.  Normally, Kelly and I discuss things, and make decisions together.  Kelly looked at the vet and said, "we will take him home.  He needs us."   I asked no questions and we brought home this tiny 1.5 lb terrified little baby.

     We brought him home, and immediately, Clint gave him a bath. The little guy was so sick. He had the worst case of diarrhea we had ever seen.  As a result, he was extremely dehydrated.  He was underweight and had no appetite.  We started a rotaton.  Every two hours we gave him water via syringe and every hours we gave him food via syringe.  Despite his feeling bad, he adored Franklin, and Franklin loved him.  They quickly became the best of friends.

      This little guy, with no name, was very loud, very vocal, and very verbal about everything.  We finally found a name.  Kelly was looking at the spots on the kitten's belly, and decided he looked like the Jasper healing stone, .  The name "Jasper"  fit perfectly. 

       Weeks passed, and Jasper was continually on different medications. He still had multiple stays in the hospital, and more diarrhea.  His tiny butt looked red and swollen like a baboon.  He walked funny, but we were sure that his butt was so sore that it hurt him to walk.  Even the hair on his tail was gone, due to the acid.  His posture was like that of a German shepherd, low in the back end.

     Over the weekend of his 8th week birthday, Jasper became paralyzed in the tail, back legs.  He also had no control of his bladder.  Devastated, to say the least, but we were determined to not give up on Jasper, and neither was Dr. Ernie.

     Aproximately 30 days later, all blood tests came back normal, the diarrhea stopped, and his little butt started to heal.  The first time he had a solid poop, Kelly and I were so excited.  We weren't sure if the diarrhea had anything to do with his legs not working, but all speculation was toward neurological, developmental, and/or spinal degeneration.

     Jasper had to wear diapers, but as Kelly put it, he had become our little snail, leaving a trail behind him.  He had no control of his bladder, so he was constantly leaking urine.  What made it worse was the fact that he couldn't walk, so he scooted everywhere.   He learned to wear a diaper and never fussed about it, or tried to pull it off.  

     Jasper's back left leg was extended forward and becoming more stiff by the day.  Kelly would put him in the tub to exercise the leg, but we couldn't stay ahead of the stiffening. The back right leg would drag behind him.  From above, he looked like a lightening bolt.   

     With the help of our friends at Brigid's Crossing Foundation, we started cold laser therapy on Jasper.  He started making progress.

     August 23, 2012 was a big day. We made the decision to remove the back left leg.  We consulted with several doctors and a neurologist and they all agreed, get rid of the leg.  It was stiff, muscle locked,  bone locked, and the knee joint had rotated backward.  He had no sensory-neurological response in the leg.  It was a very difficult decision, but it was the right one. 

     With his leg was now gone, the diaper wouldn't stay on.  Also, he was dragging and scooting around on his stitches.  The solution was to use Newborn Onesies.  That right, I stitched up the left leg hole, stitched the neckline to be smaller, and stuck his tail through the middle of snaps.  It worked perfectly !!!

     I  kept a diary of great details.  His story is truly inspirational.  If you would like to read more about Jasper you can go to  You can read even more day-to-day details about Jasper in my Blog - Dairy   I will be continually adding more info.

     As of today, Jasper is doing amazing.  He doesn't realize his handicap.  With the back left leg gone, we have been able to focus on the right leg and tail using the cold laser therapy unit.  He still doesn't walk,  but he uses the back right leg now.  He pushes with it, and will use it to climb. He actually does a sideways  hopping run !!!   Check out his video on you tube.  Jasper Triumphant.    He now has feeling halfway down his tail.  Also, He goes to the litter box by himself, but still has bladder issues, but only when sleeping. 

     Click here for more pictures of our little survivor and proof that Kelly's "grow me a kitty program" really does work !!!!  Jasper's Photo Album
Multi Radiance Medical

Jasper and Squeeker have both benefited from the use of the laser.  Thanks to Brigid's Crossing Foundation for introducing us to the technology of the laser.  We are so impressed with the results of this laser that we volunteered Jasper's and Squeeker's progress for case studies with Multi Radiance Medical. We send them regular updates. Please read more about our journey and progress in our blog/diary.  We were previously unaware of this non invasive option.   We have become believers and witnesses to the results first hand.  We strongly suggest that you go to the website, , read about the laser therapy.  If you want to know more we can help you contact a representative at Multi Radiance Medical.  . 
Check out his video on you tube.  Jasper Triumphant