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Lily's Story
     We first saw Lily in the fall of 2012.   After trapping several other cats from her colony, we finally trapped the Tortie-Calico for the Lee County TNR program and she became a registered Lee County Feral Cat on February 6, 2013.

    We kept her for a few days after her spay and Kelly was very reluctant to let her go.  She was so sweet and dainty.  She has been doing really well and her colony is fed every single day.

    On Wednesday evening, March 20, 2013, we received a call from the colony feeder around 9:45pm.  She told us that she thought the tortie-calico was hit by a car, and was dragging her back legs.  Kelly, along with another fellow TNR Volunteer Trapper, met to trap the kitty.  They were able to trap her and we brought her to our home.  We kept her in a trap overnight. 

    We took her to our vet, Dr Ernie Blum, first thing the next morning.  We left her with Dr Ernie all day for tests and evaluations.  Later that day, we both went to see Dr Ernie.  His evaluation revealed that someone had shot her with a gun, and the bullet was lodged in her spine.  She cannot walk and her back legs and tail are paralyzed.  She urinates and deficates, but we think it is only when it is "forced out".  We do not think she consciencely knows she is going.  Dr Ernie kept her for a week.  She was given pain and anti inflammatory medications, and fluids because of dehydration.

    Nothing changed over the week so we were allowed to bring her home.  Because of his knowledge of our unique experience and care giving of our existing handicapped pets, and seeing first hand the success we have had, Dr Ernie felt comfortable in releasing Lily into our care.   We named her Lily.  She is bright-eyed and determined, and deserves a chance to survive, given this cruel injustice that was not her fault.  We want to give her time to heal, and to see if she will start using her back legs again.

    We set her up in Jasper's old apartment (very large dog crate) in the guest bedroom.  Taking care of her is quite an ordeal because, you have to remember, she is a feral cat.  She has not had the fortunate life of a home and human to call her own.  Human touch is foreign.  

    In order to hold her, Kelly started off wearing his welding gloves.  She would hiss, blow, growl, swat ,and bite at him. Things have now settled down a bit, as she is getting used to the routine. Kelly now uses regular leather gloves.   We have figured out that she just hates the gloves.  We wrap her in a towel, and set her in Kelly's lap.  Of course, she sits on a big pee pad.  I give her a bath twice, and sometimes three times a day, while Kelly holds her.  She can make a real mess, although she is starting to feel good enough to bathe herself a little.  Kelly talks to her, and can now remove his gloves to pet her head and face.  She does a pretty good job of cleaning, but just like Jasper, she sometimes gets pee and poop all over her.  She sits with Kelly while I clean out her apartment and exchange the soiled for nice clean fresh bedding (again, this is a minimum of twice a day).  

    For a feral cat, she has been pretty picky about food.   We have tried everything, and we mean everything.  Kelly takes her outside on a leash and harness and tries to get her to exercise her legs.  He also does physical therapy leg exercises , like pedaling a bicycle.  He works with her stretching everyday. We are approaching 3 weeks since we found her dragging her legs and being shot.  There has been little improvement.  Lily is still under the care of her veterinarian, Dr Ernie Blum at My Pet's Vet in Lehigh Acres, FL.

    We met with a LT. with Lee County Domestic Animal Services.  They are opening a case with the Florida Sheriff's Department.  Shooting a TNR Feral Cat is a FELONY OFFENSE.  We hope they can find the person who shot Lily or at least scare the person into not shooting any of the other cats.

    Your recent donations of have helped TREMENDOUSLY and your future contributions are so very much appreciated.  The sheets and blankets were in full rotation with Lily and the other Feral Cat Colonies.  With Lilly alone we were doing about 2 large loads of laundry a day. 

    Update 4/20/13  We  tried our best with physical therapy, exercise, playing with toys, trying to get her to move her back legs and tail, but no improvement whatsoever.  She did warm up to Kelly in some ways but would turn feral at the flip of a coin.  She couldn't understand why her legs were not working and why she couldn't just run away.  All she wanted was to be free and go home.  She became irritated, frustrated and more aggressive this past week.  She didn't even know when she was going poop or peepee.  Agonizing decision for us.  But we had to put HER first and not our own emotions, guilt or regret.  We fought for her, bought her time, gave her love, affection, food, and most importantly, human touch and a family to call her own.

    She crossed the rainbow bridge Friday, 4/19/13.  She is free from pain, frustration and harm of the dangerous creature we call "idiot human beings".  In the short time we knew you, we fell in love.  You taught us so much and our Pride will never, ever forget you.

    UPDATE 4/25/13   CLICK HERE FOR THE NBC 2 NEWS STORY ABOUT LILY  -   THANK YOU News-2 and Leigh Dana.  Lily's legacy is making people aware of the crime and the punishment.  Hopefully Lily's story will make someone stop and think before harming any innocent animal.

    UPDATE 6/2/13  Investigtors have been canvassing the area that Lily was shot and where she lived.  There is a reward for any information regarding her shooting and leading to an arrest.  Felony offense - up to 5 years in prison and up to $10,000 in fines.

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