Franklin Family Pride

This website is dedicated to our furry kids, Squeeker, Felix, Oscar, Cleo, Clint, Franklin, Jasper, and Zak.
Updating you with the most current information and links on our site.

5/30/14  Updates have been slow. see our facebook page for faster updates.  Fundraising is alwasy the top of the list !!!  Food and Medical treatment are the most needed to provide for the animals.  In January we became and official Florida State non-profit Corporation.  Volunteers are always in need !!!

 Sarah was adopted today.  We are so happy that her new mom Annie was so excited to bring her home.  Best wishes to you both

Update on Hope.  She is just doing great.  Sweet kitten and growing.  She is up for adoption on Pet finder and adopt-a-pet.  She will soon be ready to go home with you !!!

12/19/13  Very sad and difficult day for our Pride.  Our very own Squeeker passed away in my husbands arms.

What a busy week we have had.  We have trapped 10 cats and processed them through the Lee County Domestic Animal Service for the free TNR program.  

We also brought home 3 kittens yesterday, 10/30/13.  They are 5 days old. 2 of them lethargic and slow breathing.  One of them is very vocal.  Unfortunately, before we got to the vet, the smallest one passed away.  Our amazing vet, Dr Ernie Blum at My Pets Vet, worked on both kittens.  We got home at 7pm and by 7:45pm, we had lost a second kitten.  She is still hanging in there and eating every 2 hours.  The owner of the colony where this kitten came from gave me a gift yesterday.  Stained glass ornament that says HOPE.   We thought it appropriate to name the little survivor HOPE. We will keep you posted.

10/2/13 - 
We were called to rescue a kitten approx 4 weeks old on Homestead Road in Lehigh Acres.
The princpal of Hipps Elementary had the kitten in the office. It all happened so fast and was so awesome.  A teacher decided to take the sweet kitty home.  Stacey and her new fiance' have decided to start their new lives together with a kitten starting her new life as well.  Named Missy, this adorable dilute calico happened stumble upon her forever home right before my eyes.  what a good day.  We will assist in getting her kitten vaccines and all necessary testing to help this new family start  together.  Congrats to Missy and her new parents. 

9/7/13  Adoption News !!!!  
Sweet Jack was adopted today !!!  Awesome news for this 10 year old boy !  He has a new mom and dad AND a new Canine brother Calvin.  Calvin is another recent senior pet adoption.  What an awesome family.  Jack, we wish you and your new family lots of love and happiness.

6/14/13 - May and June have been busy.  We have assisted colony caregivers, Trapped and put A Lot of cats through the Lee County TNR program.  With the possibility of kittens been born to one mom everything 3 months, we have been busy trying to round up females for the spay program. 
There is still no word on the felony investigation regarding the shooting of TNR Feral cat Lily but we are still hopefull.  Atleast the NBC 2 News story sent out the message and made people aware of the harm being done to innocent animals and the consequences if they are caught.

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4/25/13 - NBC 2 NEWS !!!!  NBC 2 NEWS Interview and story READ HERE !!!!

 RIP SWEET LILY  Lily was shot on March 20, 2013 and the bullet lodged in her spine resulting in her back end being paralyzed. Lily was a TNR Lee County Registered Feral Cat. Read my previous post for more about her. We tried our best with physical therapy, exercise, and playing with toys, trying to get her to move her back legs and tail. No improvement whatsoever. She did warm up to Kelly in some ways but would turn feral at the flip of a coin. She couldn't understand why her legs were not working and why she couldn't just run away. All she wanted was to be free and go home. She became irritated, frustrated and more aggressive this past week. She didn't even know when she was going poop or peepee. Agonizing decision for us. But we had to put HER first and not our own emotions, guilt or regret. We fought for her, bought her time, gave her love, affection, food, most importantly human touch and a family to call her own. he crossed the rainbow bridge Friday, 4/19/13. She is free from pain, frustration and harm of the dangerous creature we call "idiot human beings". In the short time we knew you, we fell in love. You taught us so much and our Pride will never, ever forget you.

We brought Lily home for her conitnued care and therapy.  Click here for more on Lily

We had the horrible discovery that a little TNR Tortie Calico from one of our colonies, had been shot.  Kelly and our dear friends that help and care for these kitties, Cassandra and Glenda trapped her and we brought her home and the next morning to our Vet, Dr Ernie Blum.  We had originally assumed she had been hit by a car.  Xrays showed that she had a bullet lodged in the bone in her spine.  We named her Lily.  You can see her picture on our TNR pageTo read more about Lily and keep up to date on her progress and her felony case with LCDAS and the Sheriff's Dept., click here and save this link in your favorites

Today was life changing for Amelia and Sampson.
NOT only were they both adopted but THEY WERE ADOPTED TOGETHER !!! This brother and sister have spent the first 9 months of their lives in the most amazing foster home. They will truly miss Colleen and Barb for all for love, attention and incredible care they have given.  
Kate wanted them to stay together and wanted them both. Amelia and Sampson will have a wonderful life with their new mom.  Kate, Amelia and Sampson, We wish you all the happiness in the world.  UPDATE  Amelia & Sampson have moved up north. Enjoying the views and wild life and much cooler weather.  Thanks for keeping in touch Kate !!!

Today was a puppy transport day !!!  This poor guy "Andy" was unfortunately left alone for two (2) day without food or water, due to emergencies and both his mom AND dad in the hospital.  He was very excited to see me and loved riding in the car.  He is being taken care of and boarding with the amazing team at "My Pet's Vet"     UPDATE ON ANDY ~~~ 3/11/13 - He is back home with is mom and dad. He missed them terribly !!!

3/4/2013   COME ADOPT A CAT AND SEE ME !!!  I will be volunteering and cleaning the cat cubbies at Petsmart at I-75 and Colonial early Monday Morning 2/17/13.  Store opens at 9am.  I will be there around 9am or 9:30am and be there untill 11am at least.


   COME ADOPT A CAT AND SEE ME !!!  I will be volunteering and cleaning the cat cubbies at Petsmart at I-75 and Colonial early Sunday Morning 2/17/13.  Store opens at 10am.  I will actually be there much earlier but should still be there until 11am at least.

   SARA and all the other kids on our adoption page are all still up for adoption.  Please consider sharing your home. 

Jan 2013
January and the first of February were busy with our jobs but also busy as we were able to trap 5 cats for TNR at 2 different colonies. Felt really good !!!  Wish we could have accomplished more.

Launching of Cat Adoption TV on You tube
Become a subscriber today and be updated on all cat and kitten adoptions.   

   We are looking for responsible people to go help feed a feral colony in the Lehigh Acres area.  Near Daniels Pkwy/Hwy 82/ 23rd. Contact us if you can help in anyway.  SEE THIS FLYER
    My Pet's Vet called me about an owner surrender of 7 sweet doggies. Jo volunteered to take them into her home until I figured out a plan.   GREAT NEWS TODAY.  Through meeting the right people, networking saves lives.  The chain of friendship and introductions are so important.  Thanks to my friend Renee Seitz, who introduced me to Diane Tramontana, who BOTH introduced me to Lee Meyers with Gulf Coast Human Society. A huge thank you is owed to Gulf Coast Humane Society.  They took these doggies in.  They will be under Veterinary care and be put up for adoption.    LADIES WE SAVED 7 LIVES TODAY.  BE VERY PROUD !!!!
Stay tuned and I will post links for their adoption pages on Gulf Coast Human Society.