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This website is dedicated to our furry kids, Squeeker, Felix, Oscar, Cleo, Clint, Franklin, Jasper, and Zak.
Oscar's Story

     The beginning of this story is the same for both Oscar and Felix.  It is a story that started as a spur of the moment trip to the mall, yes, the mall.  This trip to the pet store was long before our knowledge of pet mills,  unregulated animal breeders, and the unknown of the over flow of loving cats at area animal shelters.  When we walked into the pet store, we saw the cutest little black & brown tabbys.  We had only discussed getting one cat, a companion for Squeeker.  We looked at these two kittens and couldn't decide.  My heart hurt and I looked at Kelly and said "I can't do it, you choose" and I left to wait outside.  A few minutes later, he walked outside with a heartbroken look on his face.  I was instantly happy to know we were bringing one of those fuzzy 8 week old babies home, and at the same time, heartbroken to think we were leaving the other one behind with his fate unknown.   I opened the temporary cardboard carrier to see the most adorable little faces, that's right, plural.  Kelly couldn't choose either.  He said, with a smile on his face, that he couldn't separate them.

     They were so cute, fuzzy, funny, and opposite in many ways.   We named them after the TV characters from "The Odd Couple", Felix and Oscar.  As they started to grow, we realized that we should have swapped their names due to their personalities compared to the TV characters.  Now, years later, I can't imagine calling Oscar anything but Oscar and Felix anything but Felix.

     Oscar started out the chubbier of the two, and not as spunky, hence the name, Oscar.  Early on, Felix was skinny and had lots of energy.  As time passed, Oscar became more fit and more meticulous in his cleanliness.  Felix became a bit over weight, and less concerned about how nice his fur looked. They had reversed their TV namesakes.

     Oscar and Felix were the best of buddies.  They played really hard, had some pretty good wrestling matches, but always made up at the end of the day.  They always snuggled up to sleep, mirroring the other or spooning.  They truly loved each other and each other's company and touch.

When Oscar and Felix came home and met Squeeker, they knew instantly that she was going to be their mommy.  It was a rough beginning.  Squeeker hissed, blew, and slapped them around.  She was very unhappy that we brought these two little rats into her home.  A few weeks went by, and we were in bed and heard a sound.  We sat up to listen and it stopped.  We would lay back down and it would start again.  After a few minutes of this, we turned on the light to see Felix and Oscar nestled up to Squeeker's belly.  Even though she had nothing to give them but a pacifier, she was letting them nurse.  She resisted as long as she could, but their persistence paid off with loving kisses, baths and naps. She was now Mom.

     Oscar's nickname over the years became Oki (pronounced like "Ahki").  He is our prowler, cooing and calling for someone to play with him in the middle of the night.  Oscar is our most inquisitive one.  He questions and second guesses everything.  He can put his nose as close as you can possibly get to an object, yet without ever touching it.  Oscar's favorite snack is yogurt.  He can smell it as soon as you open it.  Ice Cream runs a close second. Oscar has always been a buddy and playmate with our shy Cleo.
     Oscar lost his best friend to complications from a battle with Colon Cancer on February 19, 2012. Our hearts hurt when we look at him, as he has to wonder "what happened to my Felix"?  I still get a lump in my throat if I take too long to ponder the thought.

     Oscar is also very aware that something is wrong with Squeeker.   Her stroke has left him confused. Oscar turned 15 years old in November 2012.  He is slowly developing cataracts and slowly developing a tolerance for the furry additions to our growing feline family.   In late December, Oscar was diagnosed with either Bowl Disease or Intestinal Lymphoma.  He has lost half of his body weight !  At his age, we have decided agains invasive measures and treat him symptomatically.  He shows no signs of being in any pain.  He looks tired all the time but still has some spunk left in him. Only time will tell.
     He is quite the charismatic gentleman. He watches, from a distance, the wild youngsters invading his home.  We can see frustration, intrigue, and jealousy of the youth of the new kids in the house.  Oscar is the  old man, watching his life and love ones change around him. 

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