Meet our Kids !!!
Franklin Family Pride
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Clint DOB 12/3/2009
Age: 3 1/2 years old, 15 lbs
Orange & White Tabby

Ailments: None!!!

EXTREMELY LOUD PURR, Unique, Emotional, Nurturing, Athletic, Shows concern for his family members (feline and human), and is always happy to see you return home. Very aware of everyone else's emotions.
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Franklin DOB 8/23/11
Age: 2 years old, 8 lbs
Blk & Wht Med Hair Tuxedo Tabby/ragdoll

Ailments:  NO Tear Production

Love Bug, Wild Man, Playful, Terrified of Thunder, Obsessive about a clean litter box, cleans up after everyone, loves to be held (goes limp in your arms, and lots of ragdoll personalities)
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Jasper DOB - 4/23/12
Age: 1 yr old, 8lbs
Grey & Wht, Spotted, Tabby/Bengal

Amputation of back left leg, partial Paresis of back right leg, paralysis of the tail, and some loss of bladder control

Resilient, Spunky, Funny, Social, Determined, Loves the outdoors, Affectionate, and does not know he is handicapped.
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Zak DOB - 9/23/12
Age: 11 months, 5 lbs
Tan & Grey tabby, gold nose.

Ailments: Possible Hereditary Gum issues, possible Epilepsy

Loves and hugs everyone, playful & spunky, and purrs at the instant of attention. Was 2nd base ball player in a previous life. Zak is actually Jaspers cat. 
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Herman DOB - 4/17/13
Age: 9months, 6 lbs
Solid Black and gold eyes

Ailments: Yay !!!   None

Herman got his name because his meow sounds like Herman Munster's moan from the TV Show, the Munsters.  Plus, he came to us on October 1st.  He is a very compassionate and loveable kittys.  Herman and  his twin sister Boo, were dumped in parking lot. When I found them they were terrified but we so excited to see me.  They got in my truck immediately and said "TAKE US HOME NOW !!!" 
Watching Over Us 
Squeeker Franklin

February 14, 1996 - December 26, 2013

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Our lives touch by an angel 
In Loving Memory
Felix Franklin

 Nov. 10, 1997  -  Feb. 19, 2012

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He will be forever missed
Reunited with Felix 
Cleo Franklin

April 14, 2000  -  July 23, 2013

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Always close in our hearts
They are together again 
Oscar Franklin

Nov. 10,  1997 - Sept. 1, 2014

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We will never be the same 
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