Franklin Family Pride

This website is dedicated to our furry kids, Squeeker, Felix, Oscar, Cleo, Clint, Franklin, Jasper, and Zak.
Read our story about Volunteering and how it has changed our lives.

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We are always in need of volunteers. We need people to help with feeding feral colonies, help organize and orchestrate food drives and adoption events, pick up donated items and help with transport to and from LCDAS, and the list goes on.  Right now we are in desperate need of people to volunteer to help feed feral colonies in Lehigh Acres.  Please email me if you are interested.  Let me know what area you live in so that we can coordinate a colony close to your home.  Volunteer and contact us now at

If you are not in our area and want to volunteer, find a rescue organization near you, contact your local animal services, or contact your county.  You can always email me and I will do what I can to help partner you with an organization in need.