Franklin Family Pride

This website is dedicated to our furry kids, Squeeker, Felix, Oscar, Cleo, Clint, Franklin, Jasper and Zak.
Zak's Story
     On October 28, 2012, we were working to establish a feeding station at a feral colony.  Kelly heard a noise, and reached under a bush, and pulled out this tiny, puny, 1.5 .lb, sick, 4-6 week old kitten.  He growled and hissed, but was too weak and sick to put a fight.  We brought him home in hopes of finding him a good furever home.  We immediately put out the word that he needed a foster home asap.

We took him to our vet
(My Pet's Vet) the very next morning.  He tested negative for FIV, but had a horrible upper respiratory infection.  We brought him home realizing that we had to keep him for 2 weeks to give him his medication, and make sure he was healthy before putting him into foster care.  Kelly said we had to see his rescue through.  Knowing that he was going to be with us for at least 2 weeks, we had to name him.  We thought about where he came from and the situation behind it.  I will make this long story as short as I possibly can...

Kelly plucked this little bit out of the bushes on the same day we saved another cat named Teddy.  Teddy was a 12 year old senior being abandoned by his owner.  Teddy went to live with his new human companion, a young teenager named Zak.  Teddy and Zak were going to be room mates and new pals.  We were impressed that such a young man would take on the companionship of an old dude like Teddy.  A good deed by Zak turned into our paying it forward.  We decided to name our little foster furr-baby after Zak.

Over the next 2 weeks, Zak having taken antibiotics everyday, we decided to integrate Zak with our kids (cats).  Not knowing what kind of home Zak might be adopted into, we wanted to make sure that he got along well with humans and other cats.

The rest of this story is an example of how we failed at fostering.  To be clear, it was not our decision to keep Zak and make him a permanent member of our family.  This decision was made solely by Jasper.  (Jasper is our little 3 legged, handicapped cat)

Jasper immediately adopted Zak.  They were inseparable.  Jasper became mom, dad, and teacher to Zak.   Jasper cleaned and bathed him, and hugged and kissed him. They play together, sleep together, and snuggle together.  Jasper even goes to the vet with him, just for moral support.

Thanks to Jasper, his little adopted Zak has developed the absolute sweetest disposition.  He starts purring at the thought of attention.  He loves and hugs everyone.  He is going to be a tall boy, and at 4 1/2 months, he is almost as big as Jasper.  

UPDATE 1/22/14  Zak is growing strong.  He is a big boy.  Unfortunately he started have seizures on 12/30/13.   We are hoping this is temporary.  He is taking medication for Epilepsy.  We will update you soon.

We look forward to seeing, over the years, Jasper and his cat Zak grow up together.

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